Dr. Mark Gerold: Methylation, Natural Therapies, and Endocrine Health

Anxiety, depression, learning disorders, loss of focus and energy, and other ailments can stem from bio-chemical imbalances. This workshop will discuss how the methylation cycle and mineral/vitamin imbalances impact hormonal balance and health, and discuss diagnostic tools to determine and help guide us in treating these imbalances.

Dr. Mark Gerold is a board-certified family medicine physician with more than 15 years of experience. After obtaining his medical degree from Michigan State University, he practiced at the Gratiot Community Hospital in Alma, Michigan, Family Medical Care in nearby Breckenridge and now for Covenant Medical Group. He has a special interest in functional medicine and is trained in Walsh nutrient protocols.

Methylation, Natural Therapies, and Endocrine Health pptx – Dr. Mark Gerold