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Day 1: Sunday, April 11th 2021

This lecture will discuss food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, internal immune challenges, and other external stressors that can trigger conditions that impact and complicate successful outcomes for acne-prone skin. It is important to holistically care for your client when designing clinical treatment options.

This lecture will present important factors and suggestions to help to combat acne and other chronic immune conditions.  The workshop will focus on internal comprehensive treatment protocols that can assist you in overcoming obstacles to successful outcomes in clearing and maintaining congested skin conditions. whether you are “functionally” ill, experiencing rollercoaster symptoms, or chronic infection, this workshop will provide you and your clients a roadmap during your journey in health and skin restoration.

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Dr. Lutskovsky will discuss the relationships of hormones and their impact on acne: The interrelationships of hormones are synergistic in their biochemistry and function best when the body is in homeostasis. The most difficult cases of acne may be presumed to begin with abrupt and long-term hormone imbalances. Dr. Andrey will identify some of the hallmark imbalances of acne and discuss various techniques, approaches, and applications including Transdermal Modulated NeuroFeedback and the Scenar© device that utilizes active reflex biofeedback communication with the body (including the hormones) – to encourage homeostasis.

Learn how Platelet-Rich Plasma accelerates the healing process and encourages the growth and regeneration of skin cells.  Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) involves taking a small sample of blood and spinning it in a centrifuge to concentrate and separate out the platelets and plasma.  This concentrated sample is then injected into the scar tissue where it repairs damage by rebuilding the tissue. Platelets also contain growth factors and proteins which are very important in the repair and regeneration of tissue. Dr. Lutskovsky will demonstrate PRP treatment for acne-prone scarred complexion. 

Dr. Lutskovsky will demonstrate the most advanced Systemic Ozone Therapy Treatment as well as different applications of Ozone for the reduction of acne. Ozone therapy provides many natural benefits to the body and will improve the intake of oxygen in the body and help support the immune system and detoxification.  Ozone therapy for the skin can assist in the repair and rejuvenate cells, improve circulation, and accelerate healing. Dr. Andrey will discuss the various applications of ozone therapy, and treatment and address the wide variety of health benefits of ozone therapy programs. 

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This presentation will demonstrate a variety of effective holistic clinical esthetic protocols which will include different skin detoxifying methods, phytotherapeutic preparations, natural anti-bacterial and skin regenerating ingredients along with the most advanced Holistic Skincare equipment. You will learn about Various frequencies which resonate with our body and help to inhibit pro inflammatory cytokines, balance hormones, and effectively support wound healing and skin regeneration. The use of Scenar TM effectively provides bio feedback and neurostimulation with regenerative impulse energy frequencies. Cold Laser Chromatherapy uses various saturated color hues of light-based therapy for the skin and body that align with effective radiant energy concepts in healing. The selection and application of specific hues at various intensities may address inflammation and healing. Neurostimulation uses regenerative impulse energy frequencies to encourage and facilitate healing. The presentation will also demonstrate the integration of mineral and botanical methods to create individualized protocols to balance skins microbiome and restore the skin. 

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Cindy Sabo and Kathy Poel will demonstrate an energy balancing treatment for acne-prone complexions. They’ll share tips and tools to enhance calmness and reduce inflammation by using the power of intention and intuition to holistically balance the body, mind, and spirit.

Day 2: Monday, April 12th 2021

Unfortunately, COVID has been the most political disease I’ve treated in 30 years of medical practice. Tragically we have lost our common sense as to how to deal with this disease. During this presentation, Dr. Bianchi will help separate the myths from truths in approaching COVID in your practice.

Acne treatment may often require an integrative approach when extensive care and treatment are desired. The addition of certain non-invasive equipment modalities may augment effective treatment outcomes. Creating an effective program for stubborn cases of acne often involves several phases of treatment and potentially adjusting treatments to include various modalities of esthetic equipment.  This presentation will explore selections of equipment to consider, the physics of these devices, application and use,  and suggested protocols and how to integrate them into treatments. Devices include High frequency, ultrasound, microcurrent, steamers, galvanic, LED, and various forms of microdermabrasion.

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Ashley will give a demonstration of techniques, protocols, and modalities that she incorporates into her sessions when addressing teenage acne. She’ll share her favorite Elina Organics products to use in the treatment room and for home care, she’ll talk about the benefits of incorporating Bach Flower Therapy to address the emotional aspects of the client, dietary, supplement, and lifestyle suggestions as well as addressing the menstrual cycle for female clients.

Elina will discuss and demonstrate mineral, botanical, and other anti inflammatory holistic ingredients for acne prone complexion which also could be used for makeup preparations for concealing break outs and acne scars. She will demonstrate different methods of customizing natural foundation concealers and powders as well as an application of makeup products which will continuously through the day heal and protect the acne prone complexion.

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Elina and the other AHSCP members will answer all of your questions and help you enhance your practice holistic methods and protocols. You also can send us photos of your client’s challenging complexions and we will assist in creating the most effective treatment protocol for them. 

This presentation will evaluate and explore the intricate relationship of the digestive system, hormones, the thyroid, and the skin. Hormones play an integral role in the development of acne, and Pia will present several points regarding stress and endocrine imbalances. An overview of the digestive tract physiology will be discussed as well as the function of hormones and their physiochemical changes in response to stressors. The impact of acneic responses and inflammation will also be discussed.  Pia will also demonstrate Gua Sha and important points for balancing the lymph pathway from acne encumbrances.