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Welcome! We are proud to present our organization to you and hope that you will become a valued member of our growing family. The AHSCP organization was founded and established in 2007 by Elina Fedotova, with a mission to raise the standards of postgraduate training and to create awareness of the philosophy and practice of natural skin care in the esthetic and wellness professions. The AHSCP is a non-profit professional association with educational and scientific purposes – Our intention is to instill holistic concepts and validate that a healthy approach to beauty and wellness is more effective and viable in the long term.

***The Association of Holistic Skincare Practitioners is not a school and is not able to issue you a license to become a holistic skincare practitioner. You must first obtain your license at an aesthetics school. You can then continue your education with the AHSCP to learn how to specialize in holistic skincare and continue your education.***

The AHSCP identifies a global membership and organization of like professionals who embrace, practice, and promote the concepts that beauty, wellness, and healthy skin are achieved through – and are a result of inner health. Our members are located worldwide – and attend our meetings, conferences, and classes within a growing community of like-minded professionals who want to be part of an educational association and collaborate for the advancement of holistic concepts in esthetics.

We are extremely supportive of, and encourage networking among holistic practitioners including licensed aestheticians, medical doctors, doctors of oriental medicine, massage therapists, etc. to collaborate on philosophies, identify commonalities and discover the benefits of holistically oriented doctrines. The AHSCP has truly paved the way for the future of holistic esthetics, and we have confident plans for the future. Since we are stronger in mass and supportive to change through numbers – we graciously invite and encourage you to participate, get involved, and evolve so that we all may continue to grow, and plant the seeds of holistic beauty through natural skin care practices, products, and optimum wellness.

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