The Holistic Esthetic Practitioners Creed

I solemnly pledge to uphold the ethical standards of holistic esthetics and to facilitate the care of the skin and body with principal, integrity, and proficiency.

I pledge to remain constant in my approach by respectfully endorsing the healing aspects of nature, and shall employ the use of natural and organic aligned products in the care of the skin. I shall support and integrate non-invasive modalities – facilitating a natural progression of therapy and complementary path for skin wellness.

I pledge to respect the wisdom and proficiency of those holistic practitioners who have paved the way before me and shall encourage those yet to follow.

I will uphold and abide by at all times the scope of practice under my licensure and will support like practitioners through the commonality of wellness through natural methods whenever possible.

I will strive to set examples of natural health, beauty, and wellness in my own presentation and will inspire others to do the same. And in so doing, know that I have received valuable endowments by touching the lives of many through the practice, science, and application of holistic esthetics.