A Community for Holistic Healers


Welcome! We are proud to present our organization to you and hope that you will become a valued member of our growing family.  The AHSCP organization was founded and established in 2007 by Elina Fedotova, with a mission to raise the standards of postgraduate training and to create awareness of the philosophy and practice of natural skin care in the esthetic and wellness professions.  The AHSCP is a non-profit professional association with educational and scientific purposes – Our intention is to instill holistic concepts and validate that a healthy approach to beauty and wellness is more effective and viable in the long term.

The AHSCP identifies a global membership and organization of like professionals who embrace, practice, and promote the concepts that beauty, wellness, and healthy skin is achieved through – and are a result of inner health. Our members are located worldwide – and attend our meetings, conferences, and classes within a growing community of like-minded professionals who want to be part of an educational association and collaborative for the advancement of holistic concepts in esthetics.

We are extremely supportive of, and encourage networking among holistic practitioners including licensed aestheticians, medical doctors, doctors of oriental medicine, massage therapists, etc. to collaborate in philosophies, identify commonalities and discover the benefits of holistically oriented doctrines. The AHSCP has truly paved the way for the future of holistic esthetics, and we have confident plans for the future. Since we are stronger in mass and supportive to change through numbers – we graciously invite and encourage you to participate, get involved and evolve so that we all may continue to grow, and plant the seeds of holistic beauty through natural skin care practices, products, and optimum wellness.

AHSCP Membership Division

Meet Our Founder: Elina Fedotova

Elina is originally from Russia and a very early pioneer in the United States practicing and developing concepts in holistic esthetics and clinical holistic esthetics.  She is the founder and president of the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners, the chief formulator and CEO of Elina Organics, an award-winning cosmetic chemist, and a celebrity esthetician. Her professional skin care line is sold worldwide and has won prestigious awards and accolades in the esthetic industry. Elina is a celebrated author for the esthetic industry’s top trade magazines and frequently makes television appearances sharing her knowledge and expertise in holistic skin care. She is the proud owner of two holistic skin care clinics in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Pompano Beach, FL along with her Elina Organics laboratory in Kalamazoo. Elina’s passion for natural health, natural skin care, and beauty are evident in her work as is testimony by her dedicated audience and professional following. Her unique vision for the AHSCP has grown exponentially in members and in status having held the first online conference solely dedicated to Holistic Esthetics in the United States in 2020. This first-ever conference was held over four days, produced sixteen classes, and featured esthetic experts and educators from all over the world.

The Holistic Skin Care Philosophy

  • A holistic approach recognizes that the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical elements of each person comprise a system.
  • By working with a holistic approach the cause of a condition is targeted, rather than just the symptoms.
  • Holistic skin care embraces the philosophy that the mind and the body unite as an integrated unit in which every function works together to achieve harmony and balance.
  • Holistic skin treatments are biologically more compatible with the skin utilizing the purest of natural ingredients, botanicals

The Mission of the AHSCP is to:

  • Educate its members and the AHSCP community on relevant topics from a holistic and wellness perspective in esthetics, body care, and related esthetic modalities.
  • Educate members through higher education about authentic holistic philosophies and natural wellness concepts that are applicable to holistic esthetics.
  • Actively promote educational information via the AHSCP social media channels as an opportunity for members to receive additional educational information.
  • Support and engage in relevant holistic health and skincare research to share with members.
  • Offer various opportunities for advanced holistic esthetics training, specialty classes, and certifications to members.
  • Contribute to the esthetic educational community by creating awareness and demonstrating the significance of the holistic esthetics approach and philosophy.
  • Foster industry networking within the AHSCP members networks through monthly meetings and related events.
  • Offer networking opportunities with holistic practitioners and advise members through the general announcement of work opportunities when presented.
  • Exemplify through lectures, meetings, and demonstrations that the holistic approach to esthetics – is a safe, non-invasive, effective, and preventative alternative for the care and management of the skin.
  • Offer the opportunity to learn more about natural, organic, and holistic ingredients, as well as offer demonstrations of European and Eastern methods for individualized skin care protocols.
  • Offer the opportunity to learn more about advanced holistic and clinical holistic esthetic techniques through the use of integrative modalities and approaches.