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2024 Association of Holistic Skincare
Practitioners Aesthetic Conference

Join Us at the 2024 Holistic Skincare 2-Day Conference

Elevating Your Practice in the Holistic Aesthetic Industry.
2 Days

About the Conference

The Association of Holistic Skincare Practitioners proudly presents the much-anticipated 2024 Holistic Skincare 2-Day Conference, a virtual event for skincare and wellness professionals. Taking place on January 21st and January 22nd, this online conference promises to deliver enriching insights and invaluable knowledge from our panel of experts for those seeking to excel in the dynamic world of holistic aesthetics. Hosted on Zoom, the conference is dedicated to exploring cutting-edge trends, strategies, and techniques in the holistic skincare industry.

Keynote Speaker: Elina Fedotova

We are honored to have Elina Fedotova, the esteemed founder and chief formulator of Elina Organics skincare, leading this exceptional conference. With her wealth of expertise and pioneering contributions to the holistic skincare industry, Elina will share her invaluable insights and guide attendees through a transformative learning experience.

Featured Topics

This immersive event will feature nine distinguished speakers, each renowned in the skincare and wellness industry. The conference sessions will cover a diverse range of topics, including:

  • The Latest Modalities in Med Spas and Sound Therapy (AO Scan)
  • The Latest Rejuvenating Holistic Treatments
  • Understanding Auyervedic Marma Facial Points
  • Quick, Pure, & Anti-Aging: Your Everyday Organic Makeup Routine
  • Aesthetic Case Studies: Best Practices and Innovative Solutions
  • Understanding Common Mistakes Clients Make and How to Address Them Effectively
  • Holistic Treatments for Sensitive, Inflamed, Acne and Rosacea-Prone Complexions
  • Effective Holistic Strategies for Autoimmune Skin Concerns
  • The Art of Facial Massage: Techniques for Optimal Skin Health and Radiance
  • The Interplay of Hormones, Nutrition, and Women’s Health in Holistic Skincare
  • Unveiling the Power of Cosmoenergy in Aesthetic Practices

Why Attend

  • Gain unparalleled insights from industry-leading experts
  • Expand your knowledge of holistic skincare modalities and their applications
  • Network with like-minded professionals in the aesthetic and wellness sectors
  • Stay ahead of the curve with the latest advancements and trends in holistic skincare
  • Elevate your practice and unlock new opportunities for professional growth and development

Registration Information

Registration for the event is now open. Members of the Association of Holistic Skincare Practitioners are eligible to purchase conference tickets at the exclusive rate of $50 per day. Non-members can attend by purchasing tickets at the non-member rate of $180 per day.

For those who are not currently members, there is an option to first purchase an Association membership for $89 per year. This will then allow you to buy the member-only conference ticket, resulting in a total savings of $171. Additionally, becoming a member offers access to all of our workshops throughout the year at no additional cost and provides full access to our membership video training portal.

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Meet Your Panel of Experts

Elina is the Chief Formulator & CEO of Elina Organics, President of the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners (AHSCP), Award-Winning Celebrity Aesthetician, and Holistic Skincare Educator. In 1998, Elina Fedotova founded Elina Organics, a holistic and clinical skincare spa that offers award-winning organic formulations and treatments that naturally deliver visible results. Elina Fedotova is also the President and Founder of the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners (AHSCP), a nonprofit organization that has provided on-going holistic skincare training and education for professionals since 2007. For many years, she has also been contributing educational articles for leading skin care publications.

Keeley Lore Is a Certified Natural Health Professional practicing holistic services, optimizing health from the inside out. She is a Certified Functional Nutritionist, Nutritional Coach, and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner. Keeley is a Master Aesthetician providing holistic face and body treatments, including clinically designed facials, body wraps and scrubs, and body sculpting services. She is also a Certified Acupressure Professional, Reflexologist, and Internationally Certified Massage Therapist.

Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck is an educational icon known for her decades of experience and expertise in dermatological skin sciences, holistic & integrative esthetics, and natural health. She is licensed in Georgia as a master cosmetologist-esthetician, and aesthetic instructor, and holds a dermatology tech certificate. Dr. Erin is a naturopathic medical physician with a private practice – Naturophoria, in Atlanta, GA. She is a member of the American Society for Nutrition, the American Naturopathic Medical Association, and the Institute for Functional Medicine. She serves on the Educational Board for the International Association of Applied Corneotherapy, the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners, and as an advisory board member for Skin Inc. Magazine. She owns and founded DermaEducationTV Post Graduate Esthetic Training and the Scientific Esthetics Symposium.

Cindy Sabo, a Michigan Licensed Esthetician since 2005, owns Sabo Skin Care and Massage, PLC, located in Spring Lake, Michigan. Cindy adopted a master holistic approach to skincare under her notable mentor, Elina Fedatova, and has received advanced training and education in holistic skin care practices. She has been a proud member of the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners since 2007, a Regional Educator, and a presenter at the AHSCP Conferences. She was honored by “Holistic Clinical Spa Partners 2023 Leading Star.” “Top 3 Elina Organics Spa Partners 2023.” “Best Holistic Skin Care Educator 2019” and “Top Professionals 1st Place 2019” from AHSCP. Since 1991, Cindy has been a Michigan Licensed Massage Therapist and an Active Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Kimberly holds a Master’s in Public Health Education and worked as a public health educator for 13 years. At the same time, she established her day spa business, By Nature Organic Skincare and Bodywork, in 2007. She became a licensed esthetician in 2012. Kim is one of Elina Organics’ top 10 spa partners and has practiced holistic skincare with the Elina Organics line since 2012. In her spare time, Kim enjoys outdoor pursuits whenever she can.

Mischa Klein (pronounced Mee-sha) Is a Licensed esthetician, Spa owner, and educator in Hawaii & member of AHSCP and Elina Organics spa partner since 2012. Specializing in non-invasive & no downtime skin treatments, she utilizes the power of touch, natural ingredients, and modern technologies for effective & healthy skincare solutions.

Josh’s journey into the world of enhancing the human form commenced during his childhood when an early passion for makeup and creativity took root. Following high school, he made the leap to Chicago, beginning a professional career in one of the city’s renowned salons. There, he meticulously honed his skills in lash extension artistry, fueling his desire for further education in makeup and skincare. Today, with almost two decades of experience as an esthetician, traveling makeup artist, and educator, Josh is fully dedicated to his skincare educator and business owner roles. These roles fulfill his aspirations and enable him to share his passion and expertise with eager learners. It’s a journey of empowerment as he guides students on their path to comprehending the intricate world of skincare and obtaining their state licensure. Through hands-on training and a profound commitment to their growth, he helps aspiring estheticians develop the skills and knowledge required to transform lives by enhancing skin health and confidence. Josh’s satisfaction as a skincare educator lies in witnessing the spark of understanding and enthusiasm that blossoms within each student, knowing they will go on to make a positive impact in the skincare world. His ultimate goal is to empower individuals to feel their most confident.

Ann-Marie Lofland has been working in the Medical Esthetics Field since 2006 when the Medspa Industry started to take off. She incorporates the Medical aesthetics world into her Holistic Practice by incorporating different modalities for Skin Tightening and Resurfacing of the skin, and she works with many kinds of technology. As a Business Owner of her Holistic Esthetics Spa in Ft Pierce, she works with Elina Organics products. She performs Holistic Treatments and adds integrative Therapies like Exosomes, Nutrition, supplements, Infrared, and AO sound therapies. Her passion is helping her clients achieve beautiful, healthy skin through integrative and results-oriented treatments.

Marnina Reid-Fajardo has been practicing in the Holistic health field for 22 years. She is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Somatic Therapist, Quantum Energy Worker, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Holistic Esthetician. She has a full-time office/practice called Luminous Heart & Face in Solana Beach, California, where she offers skin treatments/facials, massage therapy, energy work, and support for anxiety and depression.

Kimberly Dunn, founder of Rays of Life, LLC, began her journey into the sound healing therapies in 2018.
She is a Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner and is also certified in the specific modality of Biofield Tuning. Kimberly offers two methods of Sound Therapy. The first is Vibrational Sound Therapy, also known as Sound Baths, with and without guided meditations. This method utilizes sound from special instruments delivered in a therapeutic manner combined with techniques that aids in the ability to bring about a transformational healing leading to balance and restoration. The second method is Biofield Tuning which is a technique that assesses energy blockages within and around the body. With the resonate frequencies of tuning forks, she facilitates the restoration for correct energy flow unraveling the barriers hindering well-being. Biofield Tuning is designed to engage the conscious and subconscious mind, including the complex tapestry of memories. Each method delivers frequencies and vibrations working all the way through the skin, muscles, tissues, and organs and can facilitate profound shifts in every level of the body’s energy field: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. She offers general sessions to nurture your overall well-being or more focused sessions for specific concerns. Sessions can be conducted in-person or remotely, offering flexibility to suit your preference and circumstance.
Kimberly’s life was transformed simply by listening to the tones of crystal alchemy singing bowls and has a deep desire to share the same gift with others. Sound Therapy is a beautiful pathway to enhance your
overall well-being and restore to a sense of wholeness. A Sound Body + A Sound Mind + A Sound Spirit = A SOUND YOU!


Day 1
Sunday, January 21

Learn about the pros and cons of integrating Medical Aesthetics into your practice. Ann-Marie will discuss different technologies used in the Medical Aesthetic practice. She will also present the advances in sound therapy for the body and skin.

Learn why the Ayurvedic marma facial points are so important and how incorporating them into our daily facial practice is highly beneficial. Understand how they will boost your health and overall sense of well-being. By using simple activation methods of these sacred points, we can receive the value they offer for ourselves and our clients.

Hormones impact skin health! This workshop will explore nutritional resources to support hormonal balance and skin rejuvenation and highlight practical skincare solutions using nutritionally based applications that you can share with your clients to achieve beautiful results.

Discover a quick, pure, anti-aging makeup routine for your daily beauty needs. This effortless routine combines speed, clean ingredients, and age-defying benefits, ensuring you look and feel your best every day.

In this presentation, we will share insights and techniques on the power of the hands through unique facial massage techniques, a step-by-step massage demo from décolleté, neck, shoulder face, and scalp that will elevate your client’s experience and results, and how incorporating sculptural face lifting, buccal, lymph drainage, acupressure, and cold stone massage will bring tremendous value to your treatments.

Day 2
Monday, January 22

Dermatosis is a skin disorder involving eruptions of the skin that may present suddenly and remain chronic. These conditions appear inflammatory, including eczema and dermatitis, possibly triggered by local or systemic factors. Acute inflammatory dermatosis conditions include erythema multiforme (EM), urticaria, and eczema. This presentation will identify the distinct characteristics of inflammatory dermatoses, the conditions surrounding their development, and precautions and management to ensure client safety.

A compilation of common mistakes that individual clients make and ways to offer educational guidance in their pursuit of optimally healthy, rejuvenated skin. This may offer a sharing discussion opportunity for aestheticians and spa partners to help us help our clients.

An introduction to the transformative power of sound therapy, offering an insightful overview for how it works and its healing benefits. Attendees will experience a sampling of various instruments utilized in sound therapy sessions, gaining first-hand knowledge of how these sounds can influence mental, emotional, and physical well-being. This session will not only inform but also immerse participants in the practical application and efficacy of sound therapy as a complementary practice in holistic wellness.

Cindy presents her Esthetics Case Studies of the client’s skin care progression from October to January. One aging, dry, and sun-damaged complexion. One teenager with acne. See before, during, and after pictures, along with descriptions of protocols and home care products and recommendations.

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