A Community for Holistic Healers

“The creativity and freedom customizing that I get to have sings to my Herbal mixology soul. I am not cookie cutter I am always outside of the box and constantly searching for a better way to serve my clients and a line that sets my soul on fire. I finally found love.” —Elisha Stone

“I had a wonderful time at the conference and really appreciate all that I learned. Thank you very much for that wonderful opportunity.” —Analisa Martin

“Thank you to ALL of you for such a wonderful conference.  Everyone has their own loving and special souls that uniquely touch me and so many others.  What a beautiful team I have the pleasure to work with every year.  My success would not happen without all of you.” —Julette Thiers

“What a wonderful time this weekend In Chicago at the Holistic Skincare Practitioners conference. I’ve only been a partner for a couple of months so getting the opportunity to meet these beautiful ladies early in couldn’t be more timely for the 11th annual conference. I have found my soul so happy to be using this line of Skincare for my Practice in Rice Lake. Loved meeting So many amazing women and Dr.s from all over the world that Share a common interest in holistic wisdom with modern science.” —Elisha Stone

“I feel it was the best conference yet.  It was jam packed with new information and new protocols and new products and great networking and everything about it was amazing!  Well done!!” —Cindy Sabo