A Community for Holistic Healers

The Mission of the AHSCP is to:

  • Educate its members and the AHSCP community on relevant topics from a holistic and wellness perspective in esthetics, body care and related esthetic modalities.

  • Educate members through higher education about authentic holistic philosophies and natural wellness concepts that are applicable to holistic esthetics.

  • Actively promote educational information via the AHSCP social media channels as an opportunity for members to receive additional educational information.

  • Support and engage in relevant holistic health and skincare research to share with members.

  • Offer various opportunities for advanced holistic esthetics training, speciality classes  and certifications to members.

  • Contribute to the esthetic educational community by creating the awareness and demonstrating the significance of the holistic esthetics approach and philosophy.

  • Foster industry networking within the AHSCP members network through monthly meetings and related events.

  • Offer networking opportunities with holistic practitioners and advise members though general announcement of work opportunities when presented.

  • Exemplify through lectures, meetings and demonstrations that the holistic approach to esthetics – is a safe, non- invasive, effective and preventative alternative for the care and management of the skin.

  • Offer the opportunity to learn more about natural, organic and holistic ingredients, as well as offer demonstrations of European and Eastern methods for individualized skin care protocols.

  • Offer the opportunity to learn more about advanced holistic and clinical holistic esthetic techniques through the use of integrative modalities and approaches.