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13th Annual Holistic Skin Care Conference 

Conference Date: October 18, 2020, October 19, 2020, October 20, 2020

Location: Online (Zoom)

Post Conference Date: October 21, 2020

Location: Online (Zoom)

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About this Event

The Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners is proud to present its 13th Annual Conference this year online – October 18th, 19th, 20th and a post conference “Vendor Showcase” on the 21st 2020. The conference theme this year–Strengthening the Resolve: Renew, Purify, Balance , Restore and Regeneratefocusing on health, skin, body, mind and spirit concepts for practice integration. Classes run daily live ZOOM lectures, round table discussion, videos, and demonstrations.

Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners is non-profit organization. It was established in 2007 under the directorship Elina Fedotova—celebrity esthetician, cosmetic chemist and author. The AHSCP was established to foster holistic esthetic concepts from a scientific educational perspective—while advocating healthy approaches to beauty and wellness. The AHSCP identifies a global membership and organizational family of like professionals who embrace, practice, and promote the concept that beauty, wellness and healthy skin is achieved through—and are a result of inner health.

For more conference information: email holistcskincarepractitioners@gmail.com or call the direct line 706.406.3320

Why attend the 13th Annual AHSCP Conference?

The AHSCP is proud to present our conference online this year as a convenient and safe option to attend our widely acclaimed conference. We welcome all of our national and international AHSCP members as well as the entire esthetic community to join us for this groundbreaking event! This is your opportunity to attend the premiere online Holistic Esthetics Conference in the United States!

  • Learn about a variety of relevant topics from a world class national and international educator faculty of physicians, natural health practitioners, and esthetic industry experts
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Dr. Katerina Steventon MSC, PHD

Psychodermatology addresses the interaction between emotional  stressors and the correlation to skin conditions and their severity. This class will provide insights as to the  socioeconomic and phycological impact acne clients may face due to their chronic conditions.  Acne vulgaris one of the most common skin conditions. The prevalence of adult acne is increasing, and “female acne” has become a distinct clinical entity. Facial acne is difficult to hide and can have a significant detrimental impact on people’s quality of life. In Western societies that place high value on physical beauty, the visibility of this disorder has a greater negative impact on women’s social and emotional functioning. The degree of psychosocial impairment correlates with patient’s subjective assessment, not objective clinical severity of adult acne. The major emotional implications and its social consequences challenge the classical view of acne as something purely physiological or even trivial. Skincare recommendations and working with the cycle helps to alleviate the severity of the disease, the next step for a clinician in achieving successful outcomes is to guide self-management and work with patient’s emotional experiences.

Elina Fedotova LE

Approaches in treatment and modalities for visual results in the treatment of acne, dehydrated, inflamed skin and specify treatment for lip enhancement and forehead lines. The consultation and skin analysis along with discussing a timeline for visible improvement and client expectations is a major consideration. Targeting problem areas and opportunities for correction are of great importance –  The reduction of congestion of acne and breakouts,  firming and stimulating collagen over the face and jawline, improving lymphatics are all important factors and key points for confirming treatments and products are effective.  It is important to identify  the key focus areas for correction – followed by designing the  treatment protocols and modalities. Elina’s skill and expertise  to incorporate products, modalities and treatments will demonstrate the importance of protocol design. She will discuss and demonstrate a number of her targeted protocols which will help you and your client achieve desirable results.

Tina Abnoosi LE

This presentation shares relevant theory and techniques offering both the philosophy that microcurrent can help facilitate a pathway to tuning into your body’s unique frequencies. Detoxification will be discussed as it is an important part of riding the body of toxic waste and a preliminary to support and strengthening the body’s immune system – while simultaneously lifting, toning, and nourishing the skin.

Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck NMD, CDT, El, LEI

Essential oils are the life force of the plant kingdom and for the holistic practitioner and offer an abundant source of therapeutic applications which may be employed in the management of virtually all skin types and conditions. This presentation will explore the clinical application and sciences of essential oils and the biological response regarding skin conditions and dermal response.  The relationship of essential oil compounds , chemistry attributes and botanical nomenclature will also be presented. 

Rebecca Gadberry

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from difficult situations, anxiety, worry, and even terrifying challenges that throw you off-balance as you pursue your dreams. Some think you’re either resilient or you’re not. In mindfulness, we know resilience is a skill you can develop to maintain a balanced, rewarding and centered life. In this 2-hour class, you will practice:· Using your breath to regulate your nervous system – The power of a simple sigh – Triggering resilience with touch – Releasing the hormone of safety and trust – Calm and connection – Incorporating essential oils for meditation, resilience, focus and anxiety relief. -A guided meditation to instill resilience and a pleasant night’s sleep.

Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck NMD,CDT,LE,LEI

Human anatomy has many marvels and the interaction of intricate, yet complete body systems establish optimum health and wellness. One of the most intriguing and dynamic relationships that the human body holds, is that of the immune system and lymphatics. Lymph has long been researched and upheld by many physicians and therapists as the “Elixir of Life”. This class will present the significance,functions,and structures of the lymphatic system and its role in overall health, vitality and recovery. The composition of lymph will be discussed for its activity in protecting the body from illness and disease. From the esthetic perspective; as many skin conditions today present as slow to response to traditional esthetic treatment – lymphatics will be discussed for their correlation and position with the skins immune system and its impact on skin conditions.

Dr. Andre Lutskovsky MD, DO & Elina Fedotova LE

For over 100 years, intravenous light devices have been used to detoxify the body and purify the blood. For decades Low-Level Laser therapy has been successfully used for skin rejuvenation, collagen stimulation, and wrinkle reduction. Specific photo-modulating LLL skin treatments demonstrated calming and healing effects on acne or rosacea-prone complexions as well as reduced scarring, stretch marks, and hyperpigmentation. Today, physicians use lasers for intravenous blood irradiation as well as non-invasive blood illumination to purify, oxygenate, and nourish the blood which is essential for the health of the entire node. During this presentation, you will learn about different types of blood irradiation treatments from Dr. Lutskovsky as well as a non-invasive form of transdermal blood purification. Elina and Dr. Lutskovsky will discuss the therapeutic properties of different types of low-level monochromatic lasers which could be used for clinical spa procedures as well as during advanced holistic skincare sessions.

Keeley Lore LE, CNHP

This workshop will focus on reducing inflammatory conditions using Healthy for Life Nutritional tips you can use with your family, friends, and your clients. Choosing the right foods can offer you a natural way to benefit your health and well-being. 

Linda Bertaut LE

Energy healing, an alternative therapy, is ideal for aestheticians in the skin care and beauty industry because of their hands-on work. Energy affects clients and vice versa. When the professional understands what energy is and learns how to maintain energy boundaries, it supports the body, mind, feelings, and spirit.  Recognizing that we are energetic beings in a physical body, yet we have not been taught that healing begins with our energy body, not the mind or physical body. Linda will show and explain how the Chakra system reveals where you need to heal to tap into meaning and purpose and to pioneer the livelihood you are destined to create.

Dr. JP Yurgel DC & Dr. Sabrina Merry Paquette DC

This dynamic lecture concerning skeletal dynamics will present the attributes of postural alignment, effects of misalignment, poor posture and repetitive motion. Subluxation misalignment of your vertebra can cause nerve dysfunction and imbalances in the body that may affect your muscles, organs, tissues, mental state and emotional state. Dr. Yurgel & Dr. Paquette will help us to understand  our general state of well-being and its relationship with chiropractic and skeletal health.  

Marie Johnson – Natural Health Practitioner

There are several forms of energy work all having a common thread –  the universal life force = energy. This represents a non-physical energy, which creates and maintains a balanced and healthy body, spirit. When this energy is blocked, there is an imbalance that often creates disease, pain, or discomfort. When the body is out of balance – it may present symptoms that send us a friendly reminder – balancing and attention to health is due. Marie will present the fundamentals of energy work and the necessary components for structuring energy-based services and presenting them to your clientele.

Dr. Yvonne Marie Villareal MD

Dr. Villareal will explore the essential and important hormonal relationships within the body, factors in hormones imbalances, residual impact on overall health, and how to balance the hormones to achieve a more stable state of hormone balance and optimal wellness. Topics will include: Thyroid, Pregnenolone, DHEA, Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Vitamin D and Insulin. Dr. Villareal will discuss how hormones overlap with their instructions to the body’s systems,  and how a deficiency or excess of a hormone will express itself as symptoms and possible ways to correct the imbalances. This lecture will heighten your perspective on hormones and the amazing role they play for optimal health.

Elina Fedotova LE

The essential part of the holistic skincare practice. Learn how to apply energy reading for a more precise skin analysis and establishing the most effective skin treatment protocols. This presentation will discuss traditional and new energy healing techniques like reiki, chi-goon and other energy modalities and will demonstrate ways how estheticians can incorporate some elements of  energy work. By incorporating energy work daily in. your practice,  we are  able to deliver truly holistic procedures—that not only help to improve the surface of the skin but the entire well-being of the client. These techniques are very important for skincare professionals to augment and help to achieve long-lasting results on the face and body.  If a client is constantly dealing with negative emotions, self-doubt, overwhelming stress, etc. these techniques may bring about a calmer sense of self reflecting on the facial emotions. Elina will also demonstrate energy protecting techniques for professionals to make sure they feel reenergized at the end of the day.

Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck NMD,CDT,LE,LEI

This presentation will explore considerations regarding intrinsic and extrinsic aging and the impact it has on cells and the skin. Origins of etiologic factors involve multiple influences that have internal and external indications collectively on cellular function and facial physiology. In addition, these aspects have advanced in recent years to include many synergistic relationships that involve environmental, biologic and metabolic circumstances. Inclusively, air pollution, chemicals, irradiation, medications, nutrient deficiencies, immune function and other considerations in conjunction with or in part, play a role in the aging of the skin and cellular senescence.

Roz Zollinger Clinical Aromatherapist, Reflexologist

Reflexology supports the practice that the body has a unique ability to heal and restore itself. The goal of reflexology is to assist the body and mind in returning to a state of homeostasis, balance, encouraging the body’s powerful self-healing ability. This live demonstration will explore the pathways and influential reflex points that correspond to the vital body systems and functions. Special emphasis will be placed on trauma, stress, recovery and creating essential oils blends for application. 

Pia Kynoch ND,BSc, Esthetician

This presentation will evaluate and explore the intricate relationship of the digestive system and the skin. An overview of the digestive tract physiology and function, microbiome health, the HPA axis and physiochemical changes in response to stressors, the Gut-Brain-Skin Axis, and the impact of immune and nervous system activation and the inflammatory cascade will be a focal point of the presentation. Pia will also emphasize the aspects of the emotional state of health and the influence it has on skin health and wellness, and what estheticians need to know to positively impact outcomes of your work and empower your client.


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Elina Organics – Elina Fedotova & Team : Holistic Clinical Skin Care- Corrective Techniques & Showcase Products – Chicago, IL & Kalamazoo, MI

Elina Organics – “Foundational Beauty” ECO Makeup Artistry with Angela Clark, LE  – Atlanta, GA

The ECO philosophy of applying foundation is to enhance the natural health, clarity and beauty of the skin with products and ingredients that support holistic practices. This lecture and demonstration will present an overview of the various types and forms of foundation, desirable ingredients, how to color match, custom blend, and some great application techniques. Ms. Clark will also present some helpful hints for teaching the client how to apply foundation and engaging retail tips for helping to close the sale.

Melinda Mine – The Spa Profit – Spa Success Coach – Atlanta, GA 

Thought provoking ideas and inspiration for you and your practice ! “You are just one decision away from increasing your earning potential” 

Sassy Chicken Crochets Laura Parker – Vintage Inspired Spa Accessories- Clarksville, TN

Lovely farmhouse and vintage style handmade cotton crochet spa accessories ( headbands, cloths and wipes). A portion of our sales are donated to help World Help Humanitarian Aid.


Med Esthetic RepTom Jackson – “The Jet Clear” saline exfoliating device – Birmingham, AL

Non-invasive skin exfoliation and rejuvenation with the JET CLEAR – jet propelled air and saline.

The Heal CenterRoz Zollinger & Michael Zollinger – Aromatherapy & Reflexology Tools and Training – Atlanta, GA

Aromatherapy and reflexology products and training, essential oils. learn how to add the reflexology to your practice and create essential oil synergies and blends.

Beauty Bar Chocolates Candace Puthawala – Healthy Beauty Chocolates for the Skin – Los Angeles, CA

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How Reiki and hands on healing can be the core of healing for you and your clients – Also showing Reiki tools and accessories.

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