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AHSCP membership is open to anyone who agrees to the four key principles of AHSCP membership. Valid for one year, membership costs $80.

Four Key Principles of AHSCP Membership:

  1. Use only natural products, processes, and techniques that will never cause damage to the body.
  2. Do not use any toxic injections or any other temporary fillers that can have a questionable effect on the body long term.
  3. Share environmental awareness and approach business and lifestyle from a green perspective.
  4. Approach people with love and positive energy.

With membership, you will receive:

  • An electronic membership certificate for use in promotion and correspondence.
  • Listing on this website and other related resources for networking and sharing opportunities.
  • 70% discount on educational offerings and other events organized by AHSCP.
  • Access to information and resources of the AHSCP.
  • Discounts on products and services from other AHSCP members.

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Members may also obtain Holistic Skincare Practitioner Certification. With this designation, available when you have received at least 60 hours of continuing education certified by the AHSCP, you’ll receive an electronic certificate for use in promotion and correspondence.

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