A Community for Holistic Healers

Day 1: Sunday, January 22nd, 2023

Getting to the root cause of inflammation is important to rebalancing hormones that impact skin health throughout our lifetime. This workshop will provide you with tools to use in your practice when addressing the Skin-Hormone connection.

A unique seminar designed to support you to achieve a deep level of releasing old programming without reliving the trauma. How we do anything is how we do everything. Our business life is affected by our personal thoughts, actions, and behaviors. When we are able to align our inner feelings with our deepest values with a deep level of awareness, the possibilities for creation become expansive. This seminar will help you create life and business beautifully from the inside out.

Lynn will share her personal medical experience of holistic and spiritual healing to overcome stage 3 ovarian cancer.

Learn how to improve texture, heal the skin, and prevent new outbreaks. During this live demo, Elina will perform a corrective facial treatment. You will be able to real witness results from her latest 2023 skincare formulations and equipment modalities.

Day 2: Monday, January 23rd, 2023

We will discuss going through trauma, especially head/neck, and how Elina Organic healing treatments provide mind/body spirit healing, not just aesthetics. I will talk about the book I wrote, “When Birds Sing – My Journey from Trauma to Triumph”. I will be sharing some of my stories and discussing how I thrive after trauma – and how Elina Organics treatments heal mind/body spirit.

Nourishing the practitioner; how to take care of yourself through simple rituals throughout the day to allow yourself to take care of your clients.

Let’s get elemental! An introduction to the Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine and how you may observe them in your clients. Learn to apply acupressure points to help affect your clients and offer harmony to the elements.

Mind, body, skin connection. How we can address skin concerns on the emotional level. Using flower essences, energy healing, etc.

Quick and effortless ways to conceal and highlight features using skin rejuvenating and protecting makeup. As skincare professionals, it is that our clients do not intoxicate their skin by using conventional makeup which is why we need to educate our clients on the importance of healthy makeup. It is also difficult for the aging complexion to find makeup on the market that will not accentuate their fine lines and dehydrate their skin, until now!