Chakra Classes

Chakra Basics

This basic class is designed to introduce you to the 7 main chakras. It will cover the history of the chakras, what they are and how they affect the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. We will cover the colors associated with the 7 main chakras and how to identify the sensations commonly experienced within each chakra. You will learn a meditation to assist you in listening and connecting with your body and your senses on a deeper level. Each participant will leave with a better sense of their energy centers and how to connect the sensations that they feel within their body to the corresponding chakra or chakras.

Chakra Advanced

In the advanced class we review what we learned in the chakra basics class, discover the 5 divine chakras and explore the movement of energy throughout the body. You will learn techniques for adjusting energy and learn how to manipulate the energies throughout the body for optimum results.   Each participant will leave with a personal practice for working with their chakras.